Packing supplies at AV Self Storage in Palmdale, California

Packing Supplies in Palmdale, CA

Our packing supply store can provide you with the boxes and equipment you need to store your possessions easily and safely. By the item or by the gross, we can supply you with the boxes and equipment to store your items quickly and easily.

We Offer:

  • Legal Totes - Ideal for storing documents and files of Legal Page length. These boxes are designed for stacking and storage.
  • Letter Totes - Ideal for storing documents, files and folders. These boxes are also reinforced, and designed for stacking and storage.
  • Appliance Boxes - Store your television, microwave or other appliance in safety. These boxes come in either 19" or 27" sizes.
  • Small Boxes - These small, easy to lift boxes are designed for small heavy items such as books or tools.
  • Medium Box - Our most popular box is good for every room in the house. Use it for moving toys, kitchen wares, or anything else.
  • Medium/Large Boxes - These boxes are great for storing comforters, blankets, lamps and other bulky items.
  • Wardrobe Boxes - Store your clothing while keeping them nice.
  • Electronics Boxes - Perfect for storing your stereo speakers, radio, or other hi-tech equipment.
  • Lamp Boxes - Safely transport and store your lamps in this specially designed box.

We also offer the following helpful features:

Packing supplies are taken to your vehicle for you.

Let us analyze your rooms and storage requirements. We'll provide the packing materials you need. Then, use as much as you need and bring the unused boxes and supplies back. Only pay for what you have actually used!

Packing techniques are offered, and questions are answered by our friendly staff. Do you not know how to shrink wrap? We'll show you how!

At AV Self Storage, we work hard to make your move to Palmdale or Lancaster easier. Come and see how our trained and experienced staff can help provide you with the supplies, tools and knowledge to make your move as easy and economical as possible.


Packing supplies at AV Self Storage in Palmdale, California